Where do orders placed on AliExpress arrive?

One of the most frequent doubts of users who venture into online shopping is about the status of the product, both in terms of its location during the journey, and its whereabouts once it arrives at the destination country. Depending on your location, the place of arrival of the package at the final destination may vary.

If you’re thinking of buying for the first time on AliExpress and you still have doubts about where your order will arrive or who will deliver it, in this article we’ll explain it to you.

In the second part of this tutorial, we’ll also talk about where you can pick up your order when you get the “Pending Pickup” message.

Where will you receive your AliExpress package?

Many people wonder if their order will arrive at the main post office in their country.

The answer is no. In most countries, AliExpress orders arrive at your home without any issues unless you send them to a collection point.

Donde se reciben los pedidos de AliExpress

Your order will arrive exactly at the address you’ve added and configured as the main “Shipping Address” in your AliExpress account, which you can check by clicking here.

With the link we gave you above, you can go directly to the delivery address settings. However, if you can’t access it, we explain how you can do it yourself:

From the AliExpress website

The procedure to edit the AliExpress “Addresses” field is very easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Once you are logged in, go to “Account” and click on “My Orders”.
  • Inside the “My Orders” section you’ll see a list on your left with several options.
  • Choose “Shipping Address”.
  • Fill in all the boxes and you’re done!

How to save several addresses on the web

If you’ve saved an address and want to change it to another one, click on “Edit” in the box of the address you want to select and check the box “Save as default”.


From the AliExpress application

After you’ve installed the app on your phone, log in to your account, scroll down, and there you’ll see “Delivery address”.

Click on it, and you’ll see the option “Add new address”. Then, you’ll only have to fill in all the boxes indicated in the form.

You should know that it’s important to enter your phone number, in case the courier company needs to contact you at some point.

Add multiple addresses in the app

You can save several addresses (for example, your home and work addresses), but remember that there can only be one by default.

The first one you enter will be the default address, which means that if you make a purchase and don’t touch the “Address” field, your order will be shipped there.

To change the default address to another address you have saved, click on “Set as default”.

If you’re doubtful, check the default delivery address you’ve saved before paying for an order. You can also delete addresses you’re no longer using to avoid confusion.

Where to pick up the package if you weren’t at home when it arrived

First, you need to know that the letter carrier will make two delivery attempts. If they don’t find anyone at that address, you’ll have to go to pick it up at the courier office you’ve chosen for your shipment.

The place where you’ll pick up the package depends on the type of shipment

For example, if you’ve chosen economy shipping (e.g. AliExpress Standard Shipping, China Post, Cainiao) or ordinary shipping (without a tracking number), the usual situation on AliExpress is that the state postal company will contact you if they haven’t been able to deliver the package to you.

In ordinary shipments, the letter carrier will leave the package directly in your mailbox (if it fits); if not, they will also leave a notice for you to pick it up at the nearest post office.

As we mentioned in the article about AliExpress shipping, the post office handles most of the shipments that arrive from AliExpress, unless you’ve chosen a special shipping method by private courier (such as FedEx, EMS, UPS, DHL, etc.). The latter is more expensive but arrives faster.

We don’t recommend you to choose this type of shipment because they’re often held in customs, and therefore you’re more likely to pay taxes.

In our article about customs on AliExpress you can read more about this.

From which office should I pick up the package?

The notice that the local letter carrier will leave in your mailbox will tell you specifically which office to pick it up from. Generally, it’s always the office closest to the shipping address.

If you don’t have any report or notice, and you don’t know where you have to go, the best thing to do is call the customer service of the courier company in charge directly. With the tracking number of the order, they’ll tell you where you have to go without any problem.