AliExpress 10-day delivery: How does it work? What are its features?

As time has passed, the experience of shopping on AliExpress has improved considerably. Currently, the Chinese online shopping and sales portal offers extensive advantages and multiple benefits.

A clear example of this is their 10-day delivery option, especially offered for your order to arrive in the shortest time possible. Now, if you don’t know it or don’t know how it works, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll explain what this option is about and how we can find the stores that offer this service.

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What is the AliExpress fast delivery service about?

The AliExpress 10-day fast delivery service is nothing more than a benefit offered by the website for consumers, in order to minimize the time it takes to purchase orders. Meaning that with this option your package will arrive at your home in approximately 12 days at most and 3 days at least.

Specifically, unlike conventional shipments, this offers up to 30% faster delivery of each order.

It should be noted that this new way of shipping orders was implemented not too long ago and arose in response to serious delays in deliveries. So with the addition of the 10-day express delivery, you no longer have to pay for Chinese brands in warehouses close to where you live. You can just buy directly from China without having to wait too long.

How does it work, and where do I find sellers with fast delivery service?

First, it’s important to note that not all AliExpress sellers offer this service. Therefore, it’s a rare occurrence that stores with fast delivery are visible on the main page of the app and website.

However, what you can do to find them easily is to filter the option “3-12 days delivery” in the product and category you choose. If you do this, you’ll get a higher or lower number of available sellers.


Remember that this search can be done both from the application and from the AliExpress website. Also, you should know that to get better results, you have to filter several features such as, for example, “Free Return” or “Free Shipping”.

Important: Fast delivery is not the only option available

When making your purchase, you should pay close attention: Some sellers may have selected a shipping option other than express delivery as the default shipping option available. Because of this, we always recommend that you carefully check the details of the product you’re going to purchase so that you can choose the correct option.

Meanwhile, if you click on another shipping method by mistake, that is, if you don’t choose the option that says “Delivery in 10 days”, your package could take much longer to arrive at your home.

Thus, when you confirm that the shipment will be fast, you’ll only have to complete the purchase and wait for the waiting period to expire.

It’s worth clarifying that the estimated waiting time of 10 days doesn’t cover the processing time: in which the seller prepares and sends your product. Therefore, if your order indicates that it’ll arrive in 10 days, it may take up to 3 more days to arrive.

Do fast delivery shipments have a tracking number?

Commonly, when it comes to acquiring a low-cost product, it’s very normal that the package doesn’t have a tracking number. However, in this case, AliExpress arranged that all fast delivery orders have their own number code and are traceable.

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What is the difference between AliExpress Standard Shipping and 10-Day Delivery?

Some time ago, the Chinese buying and selling portal incorporated the AliExpress Standard Shipping method. This was an option that immediately offered faster shipping.

However, with the arrival of fast delivery on AliExpress, the other shipping method lost popularity. Meanwhile, this option became more and more beneficial for buyers.

Even so, you should know that when you check the 10-day delivery option, you’ll also get the AliExpress Standard Shipping option, which is slower. Therefore, you’ll have to pay attention to which one to choose according to your convenience.

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Here’s all you need to know to keep shopping safely on AliExpress

As stated above, with fast delivery it’s becoming easier and easier to purchase your favorite products on the platform.

In addition, not long ago AliExpress also incorporated the advantage of free returns within the first 15 days after receiving your order if it arrived defective or didn’t turn out to be what you expected.

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Based on these features and many others, we can conclude that buying on AliExpress is a good option and worth it. Therefore, if you want to know how to make the most of it, don’t forget to visit our article: How to buy on AliExpress.