What is the way to order from AliExpress pick-up points?

Good news for AliExpress shoppers! After a long time, we’ll have the possibility to order AliExpress pick-up points at enabled delivery points.

How can I choose a “pick-up point” on AliExpress?

First, we must let you know that this is an option that applies to orders under 22 dollars or euros (total price, which must include shipping) with AliExpress Standard Shipping, which is only available for shipments to some European countries.

In order to choose a pick-up point, you must make your purchases separately. This means that you’ll only be able to buy and pay for products from one seller.

In case your cart contains products purchased from different sellers (even if you choose a combined delivery), you won’t be able to select a pick-up point, unfortunately.

The dynamics are quite simple: at checkout, you’ll only have to choose “Pick-up Point” and select the nearest store. In case you have your home address saved, AliExpress will suggest the nearest location.

However, you should know that you can access the map and modify the reference point to your liking.

In order to make the process more convenient for the buyer, AliExpress also includes in the description of each point information such as the opening hours of each location. This will allow you to have better selection criteria and choose the best option.

There are more options in bigger cities

It’s relevant to know that in big cities you’ll be able to find a wide range of delivery points, while in small cities it’ll be the opposite, and there will be fewer locations to choose from. However, this doesn’t change the delivery time (if your product has the 3 to 10 days express delivery option, you’ll still receive your order in that time).

An advantage to consider is the fact that many delivery methods announce when an order will be delivered. This fact should be taken into account since it doesn’t always apply. We recommend that you pay attention and check your tracking number to verify the status of the product and confirm that it has been delivered and is ready to be picked up.

Also, in case you don’t pick up your purchase in a few days, the package may be returned, causing you to lose your money. One way to avoid this can be through the use of applications that announce the different status changes of your order, as we’ve mentioned in the AliExpress order tracking article.

More information about AliExpress pick-up points

This service was first launched in 2021, mostly in Europe (namely France, Poland, and Spain). Nonetheless, other countries have gotten ahead and tried this method, as it has proven to be beneficial for some buyers. By the end they’re aiming to have 47,500 pickup points, (the current number is around 36,000).

AliExpress uses both their own parcel lockers and they also work with other locker companies from the countries where pick-up points are available.

We must mention that Amazon has a similar locker/pick-up method, that you could also use, in case you want an alternative or are simply looking for a different platform to buy from.