The buyer does not confirm receipt of the order, what can I do?

Over time, the online community marketplace that enables different users to sell, buy, and trade second-hand clothing and accessories, Vinted, has grown in popularity. However, on a daily basis, some inconveniences arise.

Does the expression “the buyer does not confirm receipt of the order” sound familiar to you? Exact. This is one of the issues that most annoys sellers on Vinted, but don’t worry. Today we will tell you how you should do if users do not pick up your packages.

Identify the problem and learn how to solve it

As is common knowledge, Vinted’s system for selling, buying and exchanging is extremely simple. However, the biggest challenge to solve appears after the package is shipped to the buyer.

Why do we say this? Specifically because once the orders are dispatched several situations can occur. For example, the customer does not pick up the package or pick it up, but does not confirm that it arrived safely.

Also, there are buyers who decide to process a return because the product they received does not resemble the seller’s description or, directly, they request an incident to receive their money back.

It may even happen that they do not like the garment or accessory that they received and decide to resell it in their wardrobe.

So if you are a seller on Vinted, this information may be of great interest to you. Keep reading and discover what you should do if a situation similar to the ones described above occurs to you.

Situation one: the buyer does not pick up his package

If this happens to you, we must tell you that unfortunately you will have wasted your time. Since, if the user does not look for his package, from the post office they will return it to you. In this way, what you invested in packaging and shipping the product will be in vain. Instead, the buyer will easily get his money back.

Now, the user may not do this on purpose and has every intention of looking for the package from him, but for some reason fails. In these cases, our recommendation is simple: contact them and remind them that their order is waiting for them to pick it up.

That is, if you notice that seven days have passed and the buyer still hasn’t picked up the package, write to him immediately. Maybe you can say, “Hello! How are you? Your package has been ready for you to pick up for days. Don’t forget to pick it up and prevent it from coming back. Thank you very much”.

Remember: always be kind and send a suggestion-type message. The client should never feel pressured and much less forced to withdraw the package. You must be clear and direct so that the user understands that it is only a reminder.

In addition to this, you can also remind the buyer that, if he does not pick up the package within the established deadlines, he will most likely lose the money he invested in the shipment.

Scenario 2: The buyer picked up the package, but did not confirm receipt

In this specific case, two different situations may occur.

On the one hand, the customer may have picked up the package, but it does not confirm that he received it. Perhaps because he is unaware that Vinted offers this option. However, you as a seller this attitude will benefit you.

Why do we say this? Because once two days have passed, the store will consider the shipment to have been completed, will enable you to receive the customer’s money and will give you a positive assessment.

Now, it can also happen that the buyer does not confirm the withdrawal because he plans to open an incident. That is, he plans to prove that the product arrived damaged or is incorrect to recover the money invested.

As this option is possible, you should always be very cautious. To do this, we recommend that before dispatching the product you take clear and sharp photographs of how you shipped the item and how it was packaged. This will be the only way to excuse yourself from any attacks from customers.