How to change reviews on AliExpress: can they be edited?

Since AliExpress gives us a period of 30 days to make an assessment after receiving an order, we often notice things that we want to add to our review after this time.

If you enter AliExpress customer service via this link, you will see that it does not give too much information about the ability to edit reviews, so in this article we will try to help you.

Is it possible to edit reviews on AliExpress?

The answer is no, as AliExpress does not allow it in order to avoid falsifying evidence in case you have to open a dispute.

Therefore, we recommend you to make sure that the product is what you expected before making a review.

Although you cannot edit your review, you will be able to add additional comments.

Leave additional comments on your review

AliExpress offers as an alternative to not being able to edit reviews to add an additional comment.

This is useful for other users, since in these comments you will be able to add product defects or issues that you have noticed after making the initial review, which will help them to have more information when making their purchase.

You will have up to 1000 characters to tell about product features that can only be tested over time, such as durability. You will also be able to include pictures.

If you want to add a comment, go to your order list, select the order you want to comment on and click on “leave additional comments”.

From your computer, you will need to look for the “Manage Feedback” tab, or you can also log in here. Then, click on “your ratings” and “leave further feedback”.

Responding to seller feedback

Just as sellers will be able to respond to your positive or negative comments, you will also be able to respond to their feedback.

For this, you will not need to make an additional comment, but just click on “Send reply”.

This option can be useful to thank the seller for his answer or to refute him if you think he is lying, although it is only available from the computer, since from the mobile you will be able to add additional comments, but not to see the seller’s answers.

Remember to always keep a friendly manner to avoid having your comments deleted or your account blocked.

Reviews system on AliExpress

You can make the first review of a product up to 30 days after you have confirmed receipt of your order. The additional review can be made up to 150 days after the first review. You can respond to a seller’s review can be made up to 30 days after the seller responds to your review. The first valuation will be issued 30 days after it has been sent or when the seller also makes a valuation about you as a buyer.

Remember that your message may be removed if you use offensive language, but the seller can also ask for it to be removed if you put information that in his opinion is false (he can provide evidence of this) or reveal private information (such as the seller’s data).

Contact AliExpress customer service

You will be able to access a 24/7 customer service chat, where you will find a FAQ section.

If you can’t find a solution to your problem, you can contact an AliExpress agent here, who will most likely help you with your problem.

Remember that you always have the option to open a dispute if you do not reach a deal with the seller.