Everything about the shipments processed by AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the world’s largest product sales websites. However, this does not prevent buyers from having doubts or frequently asked questions when placing an order. Below we will explain everything about the orders processed by AliExpress.

Shipping fulfilled by AliExpress, what is it?

Shipments processed by AliExpress are all those orders identified with “Processed by AliExpress” or “Handled by AliExpress”. These have the objective of making the buyer receive their orders in less time, with a guarantee of quality and with adequate packaging for shipment that avoids bumps and damage to the content.

Year after year, AliExpress has studied the market and has focused on optimizing delivery times for its products, in addition to to avoid fraudulent stores.

Can I select AliExpress Fulfilled Shipping for all products?

No, not all products offered on AliExpress are processed, only a part of the best products and brands are chosen to be processed. This does not mean that the ones not processed by AliExpress are of low quality, keep this in mind. The main advantage of purchasing products processed by AliExpress is that, in addition to being of high quality, it is guaranteed that they will arrive correctly at your home.

What is the advantage of AliExpress Fulfilled Shipping?

The procedure in these cases is that the seller sends the product to a center operated by AliExpress and not to our home, as we are used to. In the center they are supervised to verify that the product is in good condition, that it works correctly and complies with the characteristics offered on the web. They are then shipped directly to the buyer.

It can be said, then, that the real benefit of the products processed by AliExpress is that you avoid receiving fraudulent and defective products. Additionally, AliExpress may ship using faster methods, typically via AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Where can I find the products fulfilled by AliExpress?

So far, AliExpress does not have a fixed section where you can find processed products more quickly, but you must be attentive, because when sales dates are approaching, such as 11.11, discounts are usually offered on processed products. Even so, until now you will only be able to find these products by visiting the main page, since there is no way to filter the search to find them.

Where can I claim for a shipment processed by AliExpress?

To open a dispute it will not matter if the product is processed by AliExpress or not because the claim system is the same. AliExpress interferes in the review of the product, so you can open a dispute as in any other case.

How do I know if a product is fulfilled by AliExpress?

To differentiate them, we invite you to review the top of the product, there you will find the words “Processed by AliExpress” or “Handled by AliExpress”. These terms are not usually explained in the product description.

Shipping methods that are also managed by AliExpress

These types of shipments are intended to offer sellers and buyers shorter delivery times and safer deliveries. They are identified as AliExpress Standard Shipping and AliExpress Premium Shipping. If you select this type of shipping, you will receive your orders faster.

AliExpress is really committed to delivery times, so you can receive purchases in less than 10 days and even have packages from several sellers combined into a single shipment thanks to combined deliveries.

Keep in mind that the products fulfilled by AliExpress are not always available, and this is because the website promotes these products sporadically. For this reason, we recommend you read our article about AliExpress’s strategies to protect its users.

Do AliExpress Fulfilled Products Really Have a Benefit?

It is worth buying these products if the price difference compared to other sellers is not great, or if the products offered by other sellers do not seem to be reliable.

Our recommendation is that, if you are new to using the platform, purchase your first products processed by AliExpress. In this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the process and, in turn, insure your products.

If you are already a frequent buyer and know reliable sellers, there is no reason to prefer AliExpress fulfilled products if you find them at lower prices.

You can continue learning about the buying process on AliExpress with our other articles.