What do the AliExpress symbols mean?

Like any online buying and selling portal, AliExpress has a series of symbols and abbreviations on its website and application. These are icons with which you can identify both the advantages of the products, as well as the level of follow-up and your rank as a user of the platform.

However, some of these symbols generate doubts and multiple interpretations. Even some do not even make it very clear what they mean. Therefore, today, we will explain in detail the meaning of each of them.

What do the AliExpress symbols mean?

Next, we will describe some of the most seen symbols of AliExpress, among which the following stand out:

The free return symbol

In this case, the symbol is a text that indicates the free return of a specific product. That is, the icon indicates that the seller gives you the possibility of returning the product after 15 days of purchasing it. Remember that this option rige únicamente para los artículos defectuosos o si son lo que no esperabas.

Likewise, we must clarify that this possibility is available in very few countries. Therefore, if you want to search for products that include this option, you must use the AliExpress search engine.

The Shipping Symbol

In this case, the shipping symbol shows where the product you ordered came from. This is useful because sometimes it may happen that you receive items directly from your country, which can be an advantage because it will take much less time to arrive, or from another place much further away.

The top brand symbol

It is one of the symbols with the most weight and that stands out the most in AliExpress. Meanwhile, the distinction of “superior brand” is used to highlight those official stores or those with excellent ratings by their consumers.

In this way, if you manage to acquire a product with this symbol, rest assured that it is 100% recommended.

The fast delivery symbol

This symbol is also of real importance in the Chinese buying and selling portal. Since, it means that your package can arrive at your home in a short period of time, from 3 to 12 days. This is thanks to the agreements AliExpress made with carriers.

Therefore, if you find a product with this symbol, it means that your shipment will arrive quickly. Remember that to find items under this icon, you must filter it in the AliExpress search engine and, depending on the warehouse from which it is shipped, it will be the time it takes to arrive.

For more information on this topic, see this article on our blog: “AliExpress 10-day fast delivery: How it works and what are its characteristics“.

What do the abbreviations or acronyms mean in AliExpress?

In addition to symbols, AliExpress has different acronyms or abbreviations that can be seen in prices, products and even in the account of the users. Now, most of them don’t know what they mean. For this reason, we present below a list with each of its meanings:

The abbreviation in the account

Whenever you see acronyms such as A0, A1, A2, A3 or A4, you must remember that they indicate your user level. Now, if you want to know more about this, we invite you to visit our article “AliExpress Member Program Levels and Benefits “.

The abbreviation in the products

Like what happens in accounts, products on AliExpress also have acronyms. In this case, the abbreviations mean the following:

  • 1 PCS: indicates the number of products purchased in the cart.
  • MOQ: This abbreviation refers to “Minimum Order Quantity”, that is, the minimum number of products that as a user you have to request to place an order. However, it is a term that does not usually appear on AliExpress.
  • Drop: notes two possible meanings. The first of these indicates the action of importing or withdrawing a document that can be used in the event of a dispute. While the second, better known as “dropshipping”, indicates the situation in which a seller sends products to a third party and a user acts as an intermediary to earn money.

In case you want to know even more about “dropshipping”, we suggest you review our article: “Complete guide on dropshipping on AliExpress and how to find sellers“.

The abbreviation in prices

In the same way as the products, different abbreviations may appear in the prices that symbolize the local currency of your country. Therefore, in AliExpress the following acronyms can be differentiated:

  • VEF: represents the Venezuelan currency (Bolívar).
  • SVC: represents the currency of El Salvador (Salvadoran Colon).
  • ARS: represents the currency of Argentina (Argentine Pesos).
  • PAB: represents the currency of Panama (Panamanian Balboa).
  • PY6: represents the currency of Russia (Russian Ruble).
  • UYU: represents the currency of Uruguay (Uruguayan Peso).
  • DOP: represents the currency of the Dominican Republic (Dominican Peso).
  • US: represents the currency of the United States (US Dollar).
  • CLP: represents the currency of Chile (Chilean Peso).
  • PEN: represents the currency of Peru (Peso Peruano).
  • MXN or MXN$: represents the currency of Mexico (Mexican Pesos).
  • BOB: represents the currency of Bolivia (Boliviano).

Remember that to configure the type of currency of your country, you only have to go to the top of the web page or through the configuration menu of the mobile application.

The abbreviation in the follow-ups

Finally, we will talk about the abbreviations that appear when we track our order. In this case, the most common are the following:

  • Null: means that there is an error in the translation of your order, that is, it is still in China and the translator was unable to understand the tracking message.
  • CNESP: This is an abbreviation that appears only in the order tracking number when the package is sent to Spain.
  • CN: represents the acronym for China, therefore, it indicates the origin from which the order is sent.
  • GMTC: This acronym usually appears when the order is in the transit offices in China.

Even so, if you still feel that you have doubts regarding the messages that appear during the tracking of your order, you can consult our article for more information about it: “How to track my AliExpress order?“.