A complete guide to dropshipping on AliExpress and how to find sellers

Today we’ll tell you how dropshipping works. This is an excellent way to have an online business without worrying about inventory or shipping of products. We’ll try to solve the doubts that many people have.

If you’re looking for a site where you can start your online business, AliExpress is a recommended site to do so. In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of it, and we’ll also tell you how to find sellers who offer dropshipping on this site.

How does AliExpress’ dropshipping work?

Dropshipping consists of selling products with the particularity that the seller doesn’t have the merchandise in its facilities, but asks its wholesale supplier to have the product shipped directly to the customer. Therefore, the retailer doesn’t worry about shipping the products or storing them, but only plays the role of mediator between the customer and the wholesaler.

Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping

One of the great advantages that this sales mechanism can offer is that you won’t have to buy products to keep in your warehouse, running the risk of not selling them and therefore losing money. Theoretically, this is an ideal business model, since it doesn’t consume resources and you’ll only make profits.

It’s a way to create an online business that doesn’t require investment. You only need to have an excellent sales platform and look for the best way to expand your business, avoiding spending on shipping and warehousing.

However, one of the cons or disadvantages that may exist in this system are:

  • Delivery time may be longer.
  • You must find a reliable supplier.
  • You won’t be able to check the quality of the product by yourself.

It’s important to take into account these negative aspects of the dropshipping sales system and look for possible solutions. If you want to create this type of business, some of the best strategies can be:

  • Sell products as cheaply as possible.
  • Look for products that are difficult to find on other online sales platforms.
  • Search for original products.

Reliable sellers on AliExpress: How to find them for dropshipping?

On AliExpress there are many pages specialized in creating dropshipping online stores, but the reality is that we do not want to recommend an intermediary, but tell you how to do it yourself, without the need for third parties. The easiest task you can find is to find sellers. We recommend that you just add the word “dropshipping” to your search, as seen on this link.

Other options can be:

  • Placing the order as if it were for yourself but shipping to another location.
  • When you search and get the product, ask the seller if they do dropship and if they do, please ask them not to attach advertising.

To keep track of the purchases you make, it’s best to record the data in an Excel sheet (tracking, price, date of purchase, order number).

Creating a dropshipping business with AliExpress, is it worth it?

Definitely, it’s much easier to set up this style of business and AliExpress is one of the best platforms to find suppliers for its many sellers, which offer a wide variety of cheap and original products. But we emphasize what we mentioned above: you need to have a trusted seller who offers this service.

Why choose AliExpress for dropshipping?

A frequent doubt that arises when you want to create this type of business is about the guarantee offered by the sellers of the platform. We’ll summarize the advantages that exist and can benefit you when you create your business.

Fast shipping

There are different ways of shipping on AliExpress and several of them have a short delivery time. It’s also worth mentioning that this platform has been improving shipping conditions.

Thanks to the fast delivery of up to 10 days, you can receive the products in less time, as long as you manage to get sellers with a local warehouse. This is a great option, although it is not available in all countries.

If you can’t select a seller with a local warehouse and fast shipping, you still have options to get your order faster than other online stores through AliExpress Standard Shipping, which has some agreements with shipping companies.

Local Shipping

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Many sellers have warehouses in different parts of the world such as Germany, the UK, Spain, etc. This means that, if you buy from local sellers, the packages will arrive in a shorter amount of time, and you’ll avoid customs paperwork. To find local sellers you’ll need to filter your search.

Smartphones and their warranties

AliExpress is a wonderful provider if your idea is to set up a business selling Chinese phones, since it offers a national warranty according to the country of destination, in addition to all the other benefits that we have been mentioning. You should look in the ad for the warranty conditions of the purchase you make because this service isn’t available in all countries.

Refunds and returns

If there’s a mistake or an error, you should proceed to open a dispute attaching proof. You’ll receive a partial or total refund, it all depends on the error. In case the product is totally different from the one ordered, some sellers offer the option to return the product to a local warehouse.

For some selected products, there is an option that allows you to return the product for free within 15 days, so choosing sellers with this option will benefit your buyers equally.

Taxes and customs

When buying from abroad for your dropshipping business with AliExpress, you should keep in mind that you’ll have to pay customs. However, this can be avoided if you buy small packages in low volumes.

Outstanding brands and reliable sellers

One of the reasons why dropshipping on AliExpress is an excellent business idea is because you can find good quality products at very good prices. Because not all sellers on the platform handle this modality (which we have mentioned above), we recommend that you review the site’s best sellers before buying.

AliExpress: sizes and measurements

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We have received constant questions about sizes on AliExpress. The reality is that selecting sizes is something simple to know, thanks to the fact that sellers add a table of measurements. We just have to follow the seller’s indications or otherwise measure ourselves and choose the size.

Buying wholesale or dropshipping, which is better?

It’s necessary to emphasize that they are very different sales systems, dropshipping avoids having products in stock, which is very useful because you avoid losing money. Now, if you want to open a physical store or offer a shorter delivery time, you’ll have to buy wholesale.

What if I want to sell on AliExpress?

If you already have a supplier, and you want to start selling on the online platform, for some time it has been possible to sell from some European countries on AliExpress. This is a good way to launch your business to a good international market with low commissions.

Other tips before you make your purchase on AliExpress

In our blog, you can find different reviews of the best products and how to get them at the best price, which will help you to select the items for your online store. To make your purchase more secure, we offer you the best tutorials.