Learn how to easily change or cancel an order on AliExpress

Did you make a purchase and weren’t satisfied with it? Did you regret it at the last minute?

Here you’ll learn how to properly perform all the procedures for successful order cancellation.

If you want to quickly open a dispute, after you’ve received the package, and you’re not satisfied with it, you can do it from here.

Cancellation, refund, or dispute?

When it comes to online shopping, you’ll come across certain terms:

  • We speak of order cancellation when the order has not yet been passed on to the seller and the shipment has not been processed by the seller.
  • In AliExpress parlance we refer to a dispute when the cancellation of the order has been initiated after the delivery process has been started by the seller.
  • The term refund is used when the platform or directly the seller makes a return of funds to the account of the user who issued the order.

The order cancellation procedure on AliExpress is very easy; depending on the status of your shipment, it will take a few days to be executed, and its conditions will vary. It’s not the same to cancel a product that hasn’t been shipped as one that has already been shipped out and is in the process of getting to you.

How to cancel an order?

Below, we’ll explain each of the steps to follow to successfully cancel an order, depending on the case:

When it hasn’t been shipped yet

No problem, if the seller has not shipped the order, the platform will proceed with the refund of funds automatically after canceling your order.

To perform this action, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to the AliExpress website with your username and password.
  • Go to the “My Orders” section.
  • Click “View Details” on the product you want to return and then “Cancel Order”.
  • Wait for confirmation.

¿como cancelar un pedido en AliExpress cuando no ha sido pagado?

Even if you cancel the order the instant you request it, AliExpress will accept the cancellation but will start the payment and then a refund process, which may take about 5 days.

You can check the status of your refund by clicking here.

First, you’ll need to access the order. Then, once inside the order box, you must click on “View Details”. Finally, you will open the “Payment” (or “Finance”) tab, where you’ll see the status of the refund and if there’s much left to recover your money.

When the product has already been shipped

If at the moment of tracking your order, it comes out with the status “shipped”, unfortunately, there’s not much to do; however, do not despair! You can contact the seller directly, politely explain your reasons and see if they will accept the return.

Process all the necessary steps for the cancellation of your order directly here.

It’s worth mentioning that when requesting the cancellation through the web shopping portal, select the “Other Reasons” option. This is mostly because the other justifications would penalize the supplier, damaging them and causing them a bad sales record, so this could be one of the reasons to reject your order.

If you’re unlucky, and the seller doesn’t want to accept the cancellation, you’ll have to wait to receive the package, and once you receive it, contact the supplier again and reach a consensus or open a dispute.

When the seller cancels the order (Shipment Cancelled)

Sometimes you’ll also encounter a “Shipment Cancelled” notice. This means that the seller has canceled the order of the product you ordered because they don’t have it in stock or because of problems with the shipping company.

When it’s a mistake made by the seller, and you’re not responsible for it, there will surely be a refund or some other type of arrangement between you and the seller.

We remind you that, before deciding to open any kind of dispute, you should contact the seller. Once you have explained your situation, they will usually apologize to you for the mistakes made. The next step will be to reach an agreement on whether a new product will arrive and what the new policies would be for the amount (check that the shipment has a tracking number); although you can also ask for your money back and a refund.

Is there any way to recover a coupon if I paid with it?

In AliExpress there are a wide variety of coupons, which are available at different times. If it was a special coupon, given by the seller, it was a discount with a promotional code, or if the coupon had an expiration date and has already expired, it’s possible that you won’t recover it.

However, if you use them under certain conditions, for example, if all the products that have been paid for with the coupon are canceled, you may get it back. Still, the truth is that the option of refunding coupons is almost always very difficult.

How long does it take to get the money back?

Once the order cancellation request has been accepted, it usually takes a few days before the money is available again.

Remember that once the money has been refunded, the canceled order will appear under “Deleted Orders”. You can check this section by clicking on the following link

Also, to check the status of your refund, you can click on this address and follow the steps described above.

Although the cancellation is automatic (if the item hasn’t been shipped), you’ll usually receive your money back within 5 days. If your request takes longer than this, you’ll have to resort to the customer service option.

To go directly to the “Customer Service” option offered by AliExpress you can click on this link

They’ll review your case and find a solution for you to get your refund.

Can I change my order on AliExpress?

Once the order has been processed, there’s no way back, even if they’re simple details, the only way to correct them would be to cancel the order and process it again. It’s worth mentioning that this last suggestion implies buying the requested item again.

Depending on your geographic location, some products have free returns, check here and verify if this is your case; if not, you’ll have to follow all the steps described above.

One last piece of advice

In conclusion, we can say that the return, refund, or dispute process can sometimes be slow and complex. For that reason, and to avoid future headaches, we recommend that before buying you’re very sure of the purchase you’ll make.

If you have any doubts about how to buy safely on AliExpress, you can visit our blog, where you’ll find complete and detailed information that will help you improve your confidence in the online purchases you make.

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