Do you know the meaning of ES Customs in AliExpress?

When products are purchased, they begin to go through a series of states until they arrive at the door of your home. Among them, “ES Customs” can be introduced. But what does it mean?

What does “ES Customs” mean in AliExpress?

“ES Customs” on AliExpress means that your package has already arrived in Spain and is about to be cleared from customs.

If you are not from Spain, the same applies to your country. We explain how: the initials that are located in front of “Customs” indicate the country where it is located. That is, “CL Customs” means that the package has arrived in Chile; “CO Customs” means that the package has arrived in Colombia.

In short, if you see «ES Customs» it is only a warning that you will soon have the package in your hands (you can consult it through this link).

Why is my order status breakdown and tracking bar not coordinated?

Usually AliExpress tracking doesn’t work very well. This is why your status may appear uncoordinated, although it is not a reason to worry.

If, for example, in the tracking bar it is specified that the package is about to be cleared through customs and no message about this is reflected in the breakdown, it does not mean that your order has not passed customs, only that it has not been reflected the state.

To clear up all your doubts, you can use international parcel tracking websites such as ParcelsApp, Postal Ninja or Track17. They are websites that detail all the status of your packages.

My progress bar is stuck on “ES customs” and won’t progress, what’s wrong?

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Many users have this doubt. It arises when the “ES customs” message is reflected but, as time passes, it does not move or change.

To understand why this happens, you must know if it is an ordinary or certified order: ordinary orders do not have tracking once they reach the destination country, so their status will stop when they pass customs and will change only when it is delivered.

What’s next after customs clearance?

Accepted by logistics operator

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At the end of customs clearance, the packages are accepted by the logistics operators, that is, the courier companies in charge of handling and delivering your order.

For Spain this company is Correos, although for AliExpress Premium shipments they can deliver DHL, EMS, UPS.

Arrival at the distribution center

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At the distribution center, packages are sorted and assigned to small distribution centers. This will depend on how close they are to their last destination, that is, your home.

Arrival at delivery office

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The delivery offices are those local Post Offices. It means that it will be a matter of waiting for the postman or courier to deliver the package to your home.

Delivery man starts delivering the order

This message announces that it is a matter of hours before the delivery man knocks on your door, so we recommend that you pay attention.