Meaning of the status “delivering: received by carrier” on AliExpress

Lately, among AliExpress users there is a common question: What does the status “delivering: received by carrier” mean? We explain everything you need to know about it.

We’ll also solve other questions about the same status and the confusion caused by another similar message: “Received by the carrier for return”.

What does the status “delivering: received by carrier” mean?

Specifically, the message “delivering: received by carrier” means that your package has already been received by the courier company in the country of origin and your order is on its way to the airport and then on its way to the destination country or your home.

Now, why does this status generate so many doubts? Perhaps it’s because the term “Delivering” is erroneously appended to the AliExpress application. Still, don’t get it wrong because your order isn’t being delivered. Even if you check the message from your computer, it’ll only show “received by carrier”.

What happens if my order remains in “delivering: received by carrier”?

If this happens (your AliExpress order remaining in this status) you should find out the reason. However, we suggest that you check if your order was part of a combined delivery first. It usually happens that sellers send several packages from their warehouse and the Chinese company groups them in a logistics center to ship them all together.

Therefore, if this happens, you’ll receive a new tracking number. However, remember that this update may take a few days.

To consult the movements of your orders, click here. Also, if you want to know more about combined delivery, we suggest that you check our article: What is a combined delivery on AliExpress?

Is it normal that this status doesn’t appear on all orders?

Yes, in fact, it’s very common for AliExpress order updates to overlap several statuses since the system doesn’t work in real-time. Similarly, it’s important for you to know that all orders go through this process, but it’s generally very rare that it appears in all your purchases.

In addition, you should know that each shipping company puts its own messages, so there’s no reason to worry.

Why does “received by line carrier” or “received by freight forwarder” appear instead of “received by carrier”?

This difference only arises because of where you are. For example, the status “received by line carrier” is common in Latin America, while “received by carrier” is normally used in Europe.

However, beyond the name or phrase used, the status itself is no different from its purpose: which is to notify the AliExpress user that their order will soon be shipped to the destination country.

What are the next steps?

When your order has already been accepted by the carrier, it’ll be your turn to go through the following steps:

Airline departure and customs clearance on AliExpress

Once your order has landed in your country, it’ll enter customs. Remember that this is a routine process and does not mean that they’ll hold your package. Even so, if you want to know more about this, you can read our article about customs on AliExpress.

Accepted by logistics operator and arrival at the distribution center on AliExpress

After clearing customs, your package will be transported to your home. However, this will depend on the shipping method you chose at the time of purchase. If you opted for economic shipping such as Cainiao, AliExpress Standard, or SunYou, the state courier company of your country will be in charge of accepting your order.

Then, your package must be accepted. When this happens, they’ll take it to a mass intake center, sort it by zones and dispatch it to the smaller distribution outlets. At this point, the tracking status of your order will show “arrival at distribution center“.

Arrival at the delivery office: the delivery man starts delivering the order

The status of your order will change to “arrival at the delivery office”. At this stage of the process, you just have to wait, as it’ll be a matter of days before delivery.

What does the status “received by a local carrier for return” mean?

Although at first glance it may seem to be related to the status “delivering: received by carrier”, the message “received by a local carrier for return” has nothing to do with it. This last message is bad news because what it’s telling you is that your package has arrived in your country, but will be returned to China.

Why does this happen?

This can happen because:

  • The delivery person went to your address to deliver the package and didn’t find you. It was taken to the post office, and you didn’t pick it up.
  • At the time of purchase, you provided the wrong delivery address.

I didn’t pick up the order at the post office: What should I do?

This happens when the delivery person came to your home twice with your order and didn’t find you. On both occasions, the delivery person will leave a notice informing you that they tried to deliver your order. If you want to recover your package, you’ll have to go to the post office, which corresponds to you, within a maximum of 15 days.

If you don’t pick up your order, the post office will return it to its country of origin.

They don’t usually contact you, for this reason, you should pay close attention to your order.

My delivery address is wrong

You should know that when making any purchase on AliExpress, it’s important to provide a shipping address and a phone number to reach you. Remember, you have to provide the necessary information, so they can contact you if there are any issues.

If you want to know more you can read: How to change the order address on AliExpress.

If my order is returned to China, what can I do to get it back?

Unfortunately, if this happens, there’s nothing to do. This means that if the post office confirmed the return of the order, it’s impossible for you to get it back.

It’s also impossible to open a dispute with AliExpress since they’ll claim that the package was returned due to an error not attributable to the site. We recommend that you negotiate a partial refund with the seller.

What does this mean? Perhaps if you contact the seller, explain what happened and state that you still want the product, you may be able to reach an agreement. Then, you could buy the product back or receive a partial refund without AliExpress having to intervene.