Amazon Renewed: Is it worth it?

If browsing the web you have come across something called “Amazon Renewed” and you don’t know what it is, keep reading because you will get rid of doubts.

Amazon Renewed is an initiative that allows you to sell refurbished products at a much lower price than the usual market price, thanks to this, the most astute buyers get real bargains, for this and for many more reasons, we tell you everything you need to know about this option that becomes more popular every day on Amazon.

Exact function

It is common for some buyers to return products to Amazon because they come with aesthetic defects or because a part does not work, what is done with these products is to recondition them, that is, they are carefully and strictly repaired so that they are like new and re-launch them to the market.

When the returned products belong to Amazon’s own stock, the reconditioning is done by Amazon or independent sellers and stores that operate on the platform. According to the quality policy, Amazon is very strict with third-party refurbished products, but some customers disagree.

Refurbished products: How to buy them?

The truth is that you can find these products mixed with normal items first hand, but we show you a selection of the best Renewed in this page.

On the other hand, if you are very clear about the refurbished product you are looking for, you can use the search engine to filter within the Amazon Renewed category.

The distinctive that refurbished items have so that you can easily identify them is that in the title of the product for sale, they will always have the word “Refurbished” or “Renewed”. They are products categorized as second-hand, for that reason you can find some other details of use, however, Amazon guarantees the following:

  1. All batteries are tested to have at least 80% charge capacity compared to new.
  2. The product will have no visible cosmetic flaws from more than 30 cm away.

It is important to know that there is a possibility that some items do not come in their original packaging or accessories, for example: if you buy a phone, it is likely that the charger it comes with is generic and not the original, although this is not always the case, may be the case.

The positive thing is that we buy a practically new product, paying between 20 and 50% less than the market price.

Amazon Renewed Guarantee

In the case of Amazon Spain, the guarantee is 1 year from the day you receive your product, despite the fact that Renewed items have their own guarantee, that is, in Spain you have up to one year to test the item and verify that it works Just as you expected, if after trying it, there is something that does not convince you, you have that period of time to return it and get your money refunded.

Amazon usually gives more time than normal to test the products when they are Renewed, this way you will have more time to check that everything is fine and that you are satisfied with your purchase, but you must bear in mind that the guarantee does not cover subsequent accidental damage to the purchase process or theft.

If Amazon considers that you have tried to return the same product many times or did so after the deadline, you will be abusing the guarantee and the consequence of this type of action is that Amazon may reserve the right to cancel returns and refund the buyer.

If you need more information about the Renewed warranty, we invite you to click aquí.

Differences between Amazon Renewed and Amazon Warehouse

It is normal for some buyers to confuse these two terms, but the truth is that they are different and we will tell you why below.

On the one hand, the items that you can see in Renewed have been returned due to some imperfection and are then repaired until they are like new, on the other hand, the products that you can find in Warehouse were returned because the box was open, due to small technical problems or damage. caused in the warehouses by their handling.

In short, of the two terms, the one that really enters the refurbished groups is Renewed and the reason why is simple, refurbishing an item takes a long, complex and demanding process to put it back on the market.

There is a categorization system among the items that are sold with the “Warehouse” category, which is:

  1. New
  2. Like new
  3. In very good condition
  4. Good condition

The price of the products varies depending on these categories, therefore the “new” ones will have a price similar to the market price and those in “good condition”, etc. will have a bigger difference.

Another key difference between Warehouse and Renewed items is that Warehouse items can be returned, but they don’t have a warranty, which makes Renewed products an added bonus.

Value according to buyers

The truth is that there is a great variety of opinions about the products purchased on Amazon Renewed, some buyers say that they have not had any kind of problem, that the order arrived on time and in excellent condition, that they look like new and come with the original accessories, however, there is another group of buyers who are not satisfied with what they have received. In most cases, the dissatisfaction is mainly due to the performance of the equipment and a minority complain about cosmetic damage.

When the origin of dissatisfaction comes from something aesthetic, we think that it is something very personal and subjective during the purchase experience, that is, it will depend on how many details you are willing to tolerate in exchange for a lower cost at the time of purchase.

We find unanimity in the positive assessment of the attention received, the guarantee, and the Amazon refund at the time you decide to return the purchase.

We have found that many buyers recommend Amazon Refurbished products and not an independent store or seller. We also found that on some occasions there is no option to change the product due to out of stock in Renewed products, so in most cases it is solved with a refund.

Amazon Renewed: What can I find?

For the most part, the products that you can find in this section, from Amazon, are technological and electronic, among which the following stand out:

  • Computers
  • Speakers
  • TVs
  • Phones
  • Appliances
  • Tablets

As for brands, you can find some very striking:

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Dell

We leave you the following link so you can explore the Renewed products.